Hydrographic Acquisition Software

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Hardware requirements


Geodetic Functionality

Geographical coordinates (Lat, Long)

Ground coordinates (E,N)

Seven parameter shift supported

Time-dependent Transformation Parameters (14param)

Separation model for vertical datum shift support

Local datum support

Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80)

Data / System Support

Metadata management

Online capabilities

Helmsman display

Computed orientation solution

3D real time display

Supported 3D display data

RTK GPS height correction

Real time video integration

Real-time Pipe detection

Real time IHO / IMCA TPU support

SSS waterfall display

SSS target annotations

Backscatter display

Multibeam water column display

Remote control

Real-time DTM vizualization

Online eventing

Real-time DTM comparison

Hydrographic Acquisition Software

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